The wellness aquabike

Designed for everyday use, the WR3 combines the gentle resistance of its Aquaspeed 2 pedals with great pedaling fluidity. The wide range of settings offers a variety of positions that improves comfort and sensations by respecting joints. The biomechanics of pedalling is respected to adjust training and exercises to the constraints of each person’s size and build. Its versatility makes it ideal for cardio-training sessions.

You will like its ultra-light weight, its carrying handle and its rapid drainage that make it easy to handle. You work out safely. The WR3 is recommended by many hotels and spas.


Ergonomics for everyone

User-Friendly Adjustments

All Pool Types

AquaSpeed 2 Pedals

The WR3 is fitted with new AQUASPEED 2 thermo-moulded pedals, with a more anatomical shape and fixed straps (36 to 44). They accentuate the resistance effect by reinforcing forward and backward pedalling. It is always used barefoot for greater comfort.

New Sport handlebars

Thanks to the new handlebar design, the WR3 offers three different training positions to suit everybody’s needs: a standard option, a road bike option and a challenging race position. The positions are more natural, with handling made easier for maximum comfort, particularly in the race position.

Superior ergonomics

The distance between feet and saddle has been reduced for a more realistic sensation and in order for the aquabiker to feel more as one with their equipment. Biomechanics have been respected in order for each person to be in tune with their anatomy.

Fast Drainage

Thanks to the new perforation system, WR3 provides fast water drainage. This technical innovation is unrivalled and revolutionary, lightening your aquabike to make it easier to get out of the pool.

Reference Marking

Maximum user comfort has been achieved through the introduction of new reference marks, allowing the position of the saddle and handlebars to be changed without disturbing the cyclist. Accurate setting of the position is guaranteed by 0.5mm graduated markers.

Carrying Handle

The WR3 has a carrying handle to make it easier to manipulate and remove from the pool.

The finishing touch to your water fitness exercises

A rear training bar and resistance bands is included. It enable you to do exercises in addition to pedalling or to stretch after your water fitness session.

Sacrificial Anode

A sacrificial anode is fitted to the WR5 to protect it from corrosion. The anode is made out of a softer metal that will corrode in its place and afford it maximum protection in salt water or saline-chlorinated water.


Material100% marine quality stainless steel (AISI 316L)
FinishBrushed steel with corrosion protection treatment
ResistanceNon-modifiable resistance thanks to the AquaSpeed 2 pedal design
SaddlePerforated PVC, anatomical design, comfortable to sit on and easy to maintain
PadelsStainless steel ball bearings and sealing rings
PedalsIn non-slip EVA, perfectly adapted for barefoot use
HandlebarsErgonomic design with non-scratch handles
AdjustableIn height and in depth of the handlebars and saddle, in front of and behind overlaps
WheelsStainless steel ball bearings on white non-scratch wheels, easy movement
StabilityWhite non-scratch stability pads
CoatingAdapted to all coatings (liner, PVC, tiles, polyester, etc.)
Water typeSuitable for thermal water, seawater and chlorinated water
TighteningInnovative click & turn system for a vertical position, prevents injury
Min. Dimensions closedL 94cm x W 55cm x H 116cm
Max. Dimensions openL 122cm x W 55cm x H 153cm
Depth1.10m to 1.50m
Warranty3 years for the metal frame, 6 months’ parts wear and tear