Two-in-one swim spa design combines a swim current with hydromassage luxury.

Our beautifully sculpted acrylic spa – combined with hydrotherapy jet seats, an underwater treadmill and the Endless Pool swim current – turn your home into a year-round oasis. Endless Pools® Fitness System lets you swim, exercise, play, and entertain; it’s the perfect fun-and-fitness solution for family, friends, and solo retreats.

It arrives pre-plumbed and ready to install on any sound, level surface: transform your patio, convert your garage into an aquatic escape, or dedicate new construction to your future wellbeing.

With the industry-best Endless Pools swim current, you can enjoy the added versatility of a fitness pool. You can adjust the speed from a gentle breaststroke to a challenging 1:08/100-yard swim pace. For even more exercise flexibility, add our underwater treadmill.

After workout, just sink into our ergonomically designed hydromassage seats, and you’re within easy reach of the push-button controls. Turn up the hydrotherapy jets to melt your stress away, or set the mood with the underwater lighting.

Choose from the 4 models of Endless Pools® Fitness Systems. All models boast our sleek, stylish design, featuring durable steel-frame construction under the modern lines of our maintenance-free swim spa cabinet.

20' Dual-Temperature Swim Spa

The E2000 swim spa gives you dual temperature controls – swim or exercise at a comfortable 82 degrees, then unwind against hydromassage jets at a luxurious 104!

Visit Endless Pools® Official Website to learn more about E2000 – Endless Pools® Fitness System.

17' Swim Spa

A spacious step up from our E500 swim spa, this model perfectly suits families and swimmers who enjoy jetted hydromassage after a vigorous aquatic workout.

Visit Endless Pools® Official Website to learn more about E700 – Endless Pools® Fitness System.

15' Swim Spa with more space for fitness and swimming

Enjoy a more expansive swim and exercise experience in our newest 15′ Endless Pools Fitness System.

With a wider exercise area and the standing spa jets for post-workout rejuvenation, the E550 is the most spacious Fitness System for all your exercise needs.

Visit Endless Pools® Official Website to learn more about E550 – Endless Pools® Fitness System.

15' Swim Spa

Enjoy the signature Endless Pools swim current in a convenient, plug-and-play model. Swim, exercise, play, and relax all in one sleek, modern installation!

Visit Endless Pools® Official Website to learn more about E500 – Endless Pools® Fitness System.