Varies Sizes…2m x 5m x 1.2 m deep Wooden Pool + Water Quality System…RM 38,000.00* onwards. Complete in 7 days*!

*Terms and Conditions applied.

The WOODEN POOLS are made of wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. The quality of the wood selected, and the class IV autoclave treatment, are labelled CTB-B+ SP by the CTBA. Autoclave treatment is the best ways to protect the wood from biological threats that often appear in moist environments e.g. insects, fungi, molds etc.

For your comfort and safety, Urban pools are fitted with submerged automatic covers*, a feature usually associated with large, high end pools. Housed under the pool edging, the submerged cover keeps the pool water clean and warm. It secures and protects your pool with total discretion.

In addition, URBAN pools are fitted out with high-end, state of the art technical equipment: LED underwater lights, automatic filtration management, in-pool aluminium ladder with 3 treads (in two sections) with stainless steel handrails, a wooden access ladder, a skimmer and return fitting the same colour as the liner and automatic cover. *complies with the pool safety standard NF P 90-308.

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