Point of Entry (POE) filtration system is installed at the main water line where water first enters your home, to treat all water you use in your entire house. It acts as a central filtration system to remove larger particulates in water before it flows to every tap and appliance in the whole house.

Point of Use (POU) filtration system is installed at a single water connection typically in the kitchen or bathroom. It removes most contaminants in the water and delivers the highest quality water which is safe for direct drinking and cooking.


Outdoor Filter

Big Blue

Whole House Water Filter

Everpure PBS-400

Drinking Water System

Everpure H-104

Drinking Water System

Pentair EF-200ULN

Ultrafiltration Drinking Water System

Pentair CTD-104M

Dual-Stage Countertop Drinking Water System

Pentair CTS-104M

Single-Stage Countertop Drinking Water System