Expand your pool’s potential (StarSpecial 27 Feb 2011)

What are the best investments in life? Money or health?

Health helps people to live better and longer. Health is above wealth and everybody knows exercise is crucial in their daily life, but how many really put in the effort to exercise daily?

It is well-known fact that swimming is one of the best exercises. It works the entire body. It is especially beneficial to those who have joint problems and cannot indulge in exercises like walking and running.

The highest quality and leader in counter current swimming machines in the world can be of help when it comes to exercise. This pool also won the BrandLaurate SMEs Chapter Awards 2010 Best Brands product branding for the leisure category.

Most swimming pools are not long enough for the swimmer to get into a swimming rhythm. To use an existing small pool, plunge pool or even dip pool as an exercise pool is difficult.

Thanks to Endless Pool Inc USA, any pool can be transformed into an exercise pool, training pool, or a pool where you can swim without having to make a flip-turn. It has come up with one of the best quality Fastlane swimming machines since 1988. A little pool can be an Endless Pool once installed with Fastlane.

The Fastlane creates water current in the pool that mimics a smooth flowing river. It creates a turbulence-free stream-like feel for the swimmer. Whether someone is training to be the next Olympic swimmer or swimming for sheer joy, Fastlane helps.

The heart of Fastlane is a small but powerful underwater hydraulic motor that drives a 16-inch propeller in a protective housing. It is powered by biodegradable vegetable-based hydraulic fluid that is carried through hydraulic hoses spanning from the power unit. There is no electrical connector to the pool, so it is extremely safe and operated by a handy remote control.

If you are planning to build a new swimming pool at home, consider the signature product Original Endless Pool which comes with a complete pool made in heavy gauge vinyl liner inside the steel wall panels.

A water quality system that eliminates commercial chlorine and 52 water current speeds can give non-stop swimming, water exercise, aquatic therapy/rehabilitation, relaxation and triathlon swim training at selected water temperatures at home.

  • For details, call 03-7960 1828, 012-379 5160 or log on to www.propulsionpools.com. Readers are welcome and recommended to come for a test swim to ensure the quality of an Endless Pool before deciding to buy at the showroom at No. 51, Jalan Utara, Seksyen 12, 46200 Petaling Jaya.