Endless fun in your pool (StarSpecial 22 May 2011)

Many pool owners build a swimming pool in their homes for prestige reasons. Swimming is never really possible and the pool is hardly utilized. So isn’t it better to have a functional swimming pool where you can exercise, work your heart and even train?

Endless Pool from the United States can assist you to transform your plunge pool into a swimming pool, exercise pool, training pool, hydrotherapy pool and fun pool.

Conventional swimming pools are too short for a good swim and not long enough to get you into a steady swimming rhythm.

To use your existing pool as an exercise pool, install Endless Pool’s Fastlane swimming machine.

Once Fastlane is installed, your pool becomes an Endless Pool. Fastlane creates water currents in your pool that mimic a smooth flowing river.

Whether you are training to be the next Olympic swimmer or are simply swimming for the sheer joy of it, Fastlane helps you shape your future.

The heart of the Fastlane is a small but powerful underwater hydraulic motor that drives a 16” propeller in a protective housing.

It is powered by biodegradable vegetable-based hydraulic fluid that is carried through hydraulic hoses spanning from the power unit.

There is no electrical connector to the pool, thus it is extremely safe and is operated by handy remote control.

If you are planning to build a new swimming pool at home, consider the Endless Pool.

Its water quality system eliminates commercial chlorine and has 52 pre-programmed water current speeds to give you non-stop swimming, water exercise, aquatic therapy; relaxation and triathlon swim training in a selected water temperature.