Exercise in the endless pool (StarSpecial 24 July 2011)

The inspiration for the Endless Pool came more than a half-century ago in Arizona, when the founder of Endless Pool James Murdock’s father swam in place in the irrigation canals that brought precious Colorado river water south to Phoenix.

He and James talked for years about building a machine to swim at home – a machine that would simulate open-water swimming in a small space. Somehow other ideas, other machines filled their time.

Murdock built the first Endless Pool on the pool deck at Columbia University in the summer of 1988. There was so much they didn’t know at the time. The refinements in design that would allow them to ship their system all over the world came later.

What he remembered most with that first rough prototype was the wonder and amazement of swimmers who realized that you really can swim in place.

The benefits for coaches and swimmers able to gain immediate feedback from a bottom mirror were clear even then. The therapeutic benefits of the pool were also obvious.

His first customer explained to him the benefits of water-based exercises for people with multiple sclerosis. His neighbour purchased their fourth pool for her rheumatoid arthritis.

More than 10,000 endless pools later, the therapeutic benefits of swimming enjoyed by customers are still clear. What has also become clear are the many challenges facing customers who are interested in installing a pool.

In response, a complete line catering to clients’ different needs and budgets was developed.

For those interested in water therapy and exercise, different alternatives were developed over the years to help realize Murdock’s father’s dream: exercising at home in a compact, personal pool heated to the temperature you select.

Flexible enough to fit just about anywhere, any one of the Endless Pools will provide you with many years of health and fitness.

The heart of the propulsion system is a small but powerful underwater hydraulic motor that drives a 16” propeller in a protective housing, it is powered by biodegradable vegetable-based hydraulic fluid that is carried through hydraulic hoses spanning from the power unit. There is no electrical connector to the pool, thus it is safe and environmentally friendly.

One can opt for either the original Endless Pool or add on the Conventional Pool Fastlane system.

Both propulsion systems are easy to operate with the ON/OFF switch. So get your very own pool today and enjoy the quality swim current which is available in 52 programmable speeds with a handy remote control.

  • For more information, call 03-7960 1828, 012-379 5160 or log on to www.propulsionpools.com.
  • You are also welcome for a test swim in the Endless Pool at the show room located at 51, Jalan Utara, Section 12, Petaling Jaya.