For complete sport

The ELLY elliptical aquabike is complete training apparatus that is very easy to use, combining the benefits of rowing, cross-country skiing, stepping and cycling.

It allows you to use all the muscles of the body synchronously. In fact, around 80% of your muscles are used during an exercise! The secret lies in an elliptical movement designed to reproduce as closely as possible the natural movement of running whilst protecting the joints from impacts.

The apparatus consists of a shaft on which are fixed two long pedals connected to two vertical handles (lever arms).


Fluidity of movement

The Elly gives its users fluidity of movement achieved through waterproof ball bearing rollers and an angle of incline of the pedals that allows optimum working of the legs. Effort is reinforced by lever arms combined with large perforated blades. The Elly therefore creates resistance without locking or jolting. 100% stainless steel, the ELLY is compatible with all types of water (seawater, chlorinated or bromine water). Its rollers and its light weight make it very easy to move.


Material100% Marine quality stainless steel (AISI 316L)
FinishBrushed steel with corrosion protection treatment
ResistanceOscillating lever arms with perforated blades to maximize resistance
PedalsHigh-performance with ball bearing roller for intensive underwater usage
PedalsWide PVC pedals that can be used barefoot
HandlebarsErgonomic dual handlebars; fixed central handlebar and oscillating handlebar with anti-scratch handles
TechnologySystem with wide perforated blades to encourage resistance without impeding movement

Stainless steel ball bearings on white non-scratch wheels, easy movement

StabilityWhite non-scratch stability pads
CoatingAdapted to all coatings (liner, PVC, tiles, polyester shell, etc.)
Water typeSuitable for thermal water, seawater and chlorinated water
DimensionsL 112cm x W 56cm x H 175cm
Depth0.90m to 1.50m
Warranty3 years for the metal frame, 6 months’ parts wear and tear