The most fun aquabike

Waterflex is revolutionising the use of aquabikes in private pools thanks to the Lanabike Evo. Its revolutionary Aqua Double Speed pedal system, its anodised aluminium frame and comfort saddle come together to form a light, modular and comfortable aquabike.


Ergonomics for everyone

All Pool Types

Ultra lightweight, easy to set up and put away

Its ultra-rigid anodised aluminium frame make it extremely light (11 kg) but also completely impervious to corrosion. Maintenance, like introducing and removing the bike from the pool, become amazingly easy.

Aqua Double Speed Pedals

These pedals, with their unprecedented technology, provide variable resistance. Designed in aluminium and stainless steel, the ADS pedals incorporate a folding flap mounted on a hinge. It unfolds and locks in a single gesture and increases the hydraulic resistance by 54%. Perfect for boosting your training sessions. You’ll also appreciate the comfort when using them with bare fee.

Included accessories

Comfort saddle. Isothermal Bottle and Bottle holder


Material100% nautical aluminium
FinishAnodized body 15µm, foots, handlebar & aluminium sandy saddle
ResistanceResistance fixed with Aquaspeed pedals, can be used with barefoots
SaddleFoam comfort saddle
PedalsAqua Double Speed  pedals with valve. Stainless bearing and sealing rings.
HandlebarsErgonomic design with non-scratch handles
AdjustableIn height and in depth of the handlebars and saddle. In height for  overlaps
WheelsBall bearing on white anti-scratch wheels, easy movement
StabilityWhite non-scratch stability pads
CoatingAdapted to all coatings (liner, PVC, tiles, polyester, etc.)
Water typeSuitable for thermal water, seawater and chlorinated water
TighteningInnovative click & turn system for a vertical position, prevents injury
Min. Dimensions closedL 96cm x W 55cm x H 120cm
Max. Dimensions openL 120cm x W 55cm x H 164cm
Depth1.10m to 1.60m
Warranty2 years for the metal frame, 6 months’ parts wear and tear