Model: FOS-UV-14T

Kills bacteria and other microbes that pass through from the tube as a result to maintain bacteria-free and purified water in your fish pond.

  • High-quality UV-C lamp that achieves 98% Sterilization rate
  • Durable UV-C lamp has a Long Lifespan, more than 10,000 hours
  • High-quality Quartz tube provides more than 99% Transmittance rate
  • Adjustable brackets for simpler and flexible installation


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The Designers, Pool Operators, Installers and end-users utilizing the equipment described herein, assume full responsibility for compliance with all applicable codes, requirements and/ or ordinances, their applicable articles, intents and consequences.

Where the manufacturer/ supplier of the equipment described herein does not control its application or usage, he assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any or all consequences arising out of the application, installation and/ or usage of this or any other associated equipment or materials.



Package Model Pond Volume [m3]* Bio-Filter Model & Qty* UV Light Model & Qty* Circulation Pump, model, capacity & Qty* Total Package
LF 700 P 30 LF 700 x 1 unit FOS-UV-14T x 2 units SB 10, 1.0 HP x 1 unit RM 7,470.00
LF 800 P 40 LF 800 x 1 unit FOS-UV-14T x 3 units SB 15, 1.5 HP x 1 unit RM10,335.00
LF 900 P 50 LF 900 x 1 unit FOS-UV-14T x 4 units SB 15, 1.5 HP x 1 unit RM12,620.00