Featured Highlights

  • For permanent installation in return line of new or existing pools or spas. Install in return line on pressure side of pump downstream of all equipment.
  • Standard with 2” slip PVC fittings and adapters for 1-1/2”
  • Available in clear amber for easy tablet level monitoring
  • Completely enclosed system – no special venting required
  • No escaping gases
  • 50 PSI maximum operation pressure
  • Holds 11 large or 98 small bromine or slow dissolving Trichlor tablets.
  • Treats 6,500 to 27,000 gallons in a bottom feed configuration and 18,000 gallons to 70,000 gallons in a top feed configuration.


DescriptionModelOffer Price
In-Line Chlorinator #320PENTAIR R171096RM    800.00