Pentair Sta-Rite Dynamo

Pentair Sta-Rite Dynamo

Featured Highlights

  • Typical Installation – Ideal for aboveground pool
  • Self-priming design – Protects internal components and ensures long life
  • Years of Service – Stands tough against temperature and weather extremes
  • High-Flow – Designed to move large amounts of water at lower restrictions
  • External Threads – Discharge port features external threads for quick-connect unions
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ItemModelOffer Price
Starite Dynamo self priming Pump 0.75HPPENTAIR 340119SRRM 1,800.00
Starite Dynamo self priming Pump 1.0HPPENTAIR 340175SRRM 2,000.00
Starite Dynamo self priming Pump 1.5HPPENTAIR 345550SRRM 2,100.00
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