The Dynamic Filter Series line includes in-line, top-load, safety flange lily pad and safety skim filters with automatic chemical dispensers and other features created for the leading spa manufacturers in the country.

Featured Highlights

  • Constructed of heat-resistant material to better withstand harsher spa/hot tub use
  • Free-standing base optional on all but DSC models
  • All cartridges are manufactured of the finest quality filter media


ItemModelOffer Price
Dynamic Cartridge Filter c/w filter media  
Cartridge Filter c/w 25ft² mediaPENTAIR RTL25RM 980.00
Cartridge Filter c/w 50ft² mediaPENTAIR RTL50RM 1,100.00
Cartridge Filter c/w 75ft² mediaPENTAIR RTL75RM 1,350.00
Cartridge Filter c/w 100ft² mediaPENTAIR RTL100RM 1,680.00
Dynamic Cartridge Filter Media  
Cartridge Media 25ft²PENTAIR R172327RM 390.00
Cartridge Media 50ft²PENTAIR R173434RM 480.00
Cartridge Media 75ft²PENTAIR R173435RM 630.00
Cartridge Media 100ft²PENTAIR R172633RM 890.00

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RTL25, RTL50, RTL75, RTL100