Discover an Exceptional Pool Cleaning Experience

Enjoy the robot of your dreams on an affordable budget. Small, lightweight and easy-to-handle, the S 100 cleans the pool floor and walls and is ideal for all types of small pools.


Main Features

Active scrubber cleans algae & bacteria

Floor & walls cleaning

CleverClean™ scanner for maximum coverage

Remove rough and fine debris & dirt

Top load filter basket

Lightweight design


Ideal pool lengthUp to 10 m
Cleaning coverageFloor & walls
Cleaning cycle2 hours
Power supply featuresOn/Off power supply
Navigation and maneuverabilityCleverClean™ coverage for maximum cleaning coverage
BrushActive scrubber
FiltrationInterchangeable set of fine and ultra-fine easy-clean filters
Cable length15 m
Robot weight6.5 kg
Warranty2 years (limited)