In-Line Chlorinator

Featured Highlights

  • Filters available in clear amber for easy tablet level monitoring
  • Completely enclosed system – no special venting
  • No escaping gases
  • 50 PSI maximum operation pressure
DescriptionModelOffer Price
In-Line Chlorinator #320PENTAIR R171096RM    420.00

Commercial In-Line Chlorinator

Featured Highlights

  • Heavy-duty control valve for accurate feed rate adjustment
  • Completely enclosed system prevents fumes from escaping – no special venting required
  • New easy access design for recharging and servicing
DescriptionModelOffer Price
Commercial In-Line Chlorinator #3315PENTAIR R171215RM 1,300.00

Intellichlor Salt Chlorinator

A Salt Chlorine Generator that Turns Salt into Water-purifying Chlorine
IntelliChlor uses common table salt to produce all the chlorine a pool needs, safely, effectively and automatically. It provides the same sanitation performance as harsh chlorine additives without the drawbacks. There’s no need to buy, handle and store chemicals.

  • Full diagnostic capabilities, including cell-life tracking that communicates remaining hours of cell life in real-time
  • Push-button operation and easy-to-view displays enable fast checking of salt levels, cell cleanliness, sanitizer output and water flow
  • Automatic shut-off feature protects the unit and prolongs cell life under low-water-temperature conditions
  • On-time cycling prevents calcium and scale buildup to maximize cell life
  • Communicates with IntelliTouch®, EasyTouch® and SunTouch® Automation Systems

Product Components

  • Water and dissolved salt flow through the generator cell.
  • Through electrolysis it is converted into chlorine.
  • Chlorinated water is returned to the pool. Once the chlorine has finished purifying the pool of contaminants, it reverts back into salt and the cycle repeats.

Easy Operation

With IntelliChlor, you can choose from one of five sanitizing levels. Just push the button, and you’re done. Plus, IntelliChlor eliminates the need to buy, carry, store and handle chlorine. It also means no more spills, odor, stinging eyes or irritated skin.

DescriptionModelOffer Price
Pentair Intellichlor 13.3 g/ hr c/w Power CenterIC 20RM 4,200.00
Pentair Intellichlor 26.5 g/ hr c/w Power CenterIC 40RM 4,700.00
Pentair Intellichlor 37.3 g/ hr c/w Power CenterIC 60RM 5,200.00

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