Swimming Pool Chemical


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90% Chlorine Tablets (3kg)

Use in Disinfecting and sanitizing of Pool & Spa water

pH Down

Helps lower pH levels and helps prevent cloudy water and scaling in pools. The pH Down aids in preventing itchy skin

pH Up

Raises low pH to maintain the proper pH level of 7.2-7.6. Maintain proper pH enhances the bacteria-killing power of sanitizers, helps prevent scaling of pool equipment and surfaces and helps guard against eye irritation

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Algae Prevention & Remover for Pools. Polymeric Formulated with an extremely .....


Water Clarifier


Flocculates the fine particles in the water making them stick together in clumps, so that they can be filtered out. If your pool goes cloudy it can be added directly to the pool to clear overnight



Item No. Description Model Offer Price
1 Pool salt, 20KG Sodium Chlorite [NACL] RM   18.00
2 Chlorine tablet [available 70% CL], 3kg (repack) Niclon - Japan RM   88.00
3 Chlorine granular [available 70% CL], 45KG Niclon - Japan RM 560.00
4 Chlorine tablet [available 90% CL], 3kg (repack) Neo Chlor - Japan RM   93.00
5 Chlorine granular [available 90% CL], 50KG Neo Chlor - Japan RM 770.00
6 PH Up700 grams granular (repack) PH Up RM   20.00
7 PH Up granular, 20KG/ [Pail] PH Up RM  100.00
8 PH Down 700 grams granular (repack) PH Down RM   20.00
9 PH Down granular, 20KG/ [Pail] PH Down RM 160.00
10 Granular Flocculant/ Aluminium sulfate 700 grams Alum Sulfate RM   15.00
11 Granular Flocculant/ Aluminium sulfate 20kg Alum Sulfate RM    85.00
12 Water Clarifier 1 litre (repack) Water Clarifier RM   45.00
13 Water Clarifier 5 litre (repack) Water Clarifier RM 180.00
14 Algaecide - Algae Prevention & Remover for Pools, 1 litre Algaecide RM   55.0.0
15 Alkalinity Increaser 700g Total Alkalinity RM       20.00
16 Alkalinity Increaser  3kg Total Alkalinity RM       80.00

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