Emaux [HK] Circulation Pumps

For residential Pool, Spa, Water Feature & Fish Pond

1. 2 inch suction and discharge port with transparent lid
2. Ring lock Lid design to eliminate suction leaks and maximize suction efficiency
3. Asynchronous, Two poles motor
4. Class insulation: 130(B)
5. IPX5 Waterproof standard
6. Built-in thermal protection
7. Overload protection
8. Special design union compatible for both Imperial and Metric measurement standard
9. Testing Pressure (50PSI / 3.5Bar)
10. S.S. 316 Shaft
11. S.S. 316 Mechanical seal

Descriptions Model Offer Price**
EMAUX self priming circulation Pool Pump, 1.0 HP/ 240v/ 1 ph/ 50 HZ SB 10 RM 1,500.00
EMAUX self priming circulation Pool Pump, 1.5 HP/ 240v/ 1 ph/ 50 HZ SB 15 RM 1,680.00
EMAUX self priming circulation Pool Pump, 2.0 HP/ 240v/ 1 ph/ 50 HZ SB 20 RM 1,920.00

** Price maybe change without prior notice

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