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Biological Filtration System by 

Biological Filter

Biological Filtration System is environmental friendly with good filtration and backwash effect. It fixes the traditional sand tank agglomeration problems. It is not only designed with fine and modern appearance but also minimizes the size of the filtration system compare to the traditional one.

Biological filtration refers to the breeding of beneficial bacteria inside the biological filtration media in the filter
tank. The beneficial bacteria can efficiently convert the ammonia to nitrites , and then to less harmful nitrates. 

When the water passes through the filter tank, large particle will be trapped by the biological filter media. The small particle will also be blocked by the linked biological filter media. After certain period of time, those particles will be accumulated and the pressure inside the tank will increase. To clear the particles and release the tank pressure, a backwash process of the filter is needed.

FOS Series UV-C Disinfection System, 55 watts, Suitable for Pond capacity up to 14m3. Model: FOS-UV-14T.


Biological Filtration System Package

Package Model Pond Volume [m3]*

Bio-Filter Model

& Qty*

UV Light Model

& Qty*

Circulation Pump,

model, capacity & Qty*

Total Package
LF 700 P 30

LF 700

x 1 unit


x 2 units

SB 10, 1.0 HP

x 1 unit

RM 7,470.00
LF 800 P 40

LF 800

x 1 unit


x 3 units

SB 15, 1.5 HP

x 1 unit

LF 900 P 50

LF 900

x 1 unit


x 4 units

SB 15, 1.5 HP

x 1 unit


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