Aquajogg Underwater Treadmill


The new aquatic activity

Providing a new aquatic activity, the Aquajogg combines the benefits of the buoyancy of water with the possibility to walk or run thanks to its fluidity of movement - pure pleasure. At your own pace, work on muscle strengthening, endurance and re-education in total safety thanks to excellent stability.
The Aquajogg is designed for daily and intensive use in group or individual classes. It can be used barefoot. The innovative bending system gives it a compact design and the roller wheels make it easy for them to go into the water without marking the floor. Ultra-compact, it is also very light.

"Easy push" opening system

To open: push the lever and let the platform open out down to the floor. Simple and effortless.
To close: Push the lever and raise the platform with your foot. Return the treadmill until it clicks, to engage safety.

100% marine quality stainless steel (AISI 316L) Running surface W 38cm x L118cm, Incline 13%
Stainless steel ball bearings on white non-scratch wheels, easy movement White non-scratch stability pads
32kg delivered pre-assembled Adapted to all coatings (liner, PVC, tiles, polyester shell, etc.)
Open: L 135cm x W 67cm x H. 128cm (max)
Closed: L. 62cm x W 56cm x H 128cm (max)
0.90m to 1.50m